Village Defense | Real-time crime alerts for your neighborhood

Know when crime happens

Real-time connectivity for your neighborhood.

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Hear about criminal activity in your neighborhood as it's happening. Not hours later, days later, or never at all.


Democratizing information flow at the neighborhood level. Neighbors can now directly and easily share and discuss things.

Inclusive by Design

Crime alerts can be sent as text messages, cell phone calls and landline calls. No smartphone? No problem. Everyone in the neighborhood is included in the network.

Instantly connect to your neighbors.

Experience exceptional connectivity and engagement.

Real-time alerts delivered to you and your neighbors through text message and/or voice call, ensuring that everyone is in the loop. Our neighbors are our allies, and it's about time we harnessed the networking power within our very own community. You'll love feeling more connected.


Neighborhood Watch 2.0 is here.

Real-time information sharing maximizes your neighborhood's witness potential. Knowledge is power, and collective knowledge is even more powerful.

  • Immediately alert your neighbors of criminal activity
  • Discuss incidents in real-time through live chat
  • Share pictures and post follow-up information
  • Grow your network by inviting neighbors
  • Download for free for your entire community!