Get alerted when crime is in progress near your current location with real-time updates from people around you. Let's outsmart crime, together.

Launching in Atlanta in March.

Know when crime happens close to you in real-time

Outsmarting crime, together

Most of the time you'll be interacting with other VillageDefenders nearby in real-time. But as a bonus, I'll automatically search other sources, like Police data, to deliver what you need to know.

Meet Sonya the Crimebot.

Goes Wherever You Go

With VillageDefense, you’ll know when live crime happens around you, with real-time alerts from people nearby. Happen to see a car break-in? Instantly alert everyone near you and chat live together to stay up to date. 

Join the community of users around you sharing real-time crime alerts and updates, helping you stay safe and in the loop.


Whether you're at home, work, or school, have the advantage of being able to access this real-time network when you need it.

The safety of our cities is a shared responsibility. By having real-time access to other witnesses near you, we can outsmart crime, together.

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Get Early Access in Atlanta this March