VillageDefense is the world’s largest community-based safety app. Join the network of people around you who share real-time crime and safety info, keeping everyone safe and up to date when a live crime is nearby.

Now LIVE in Atlanta, with new cities coming soon.

See a crime? Alert everyone around you in seconds.

Outsmarting crime, together

Enabling a decentralized, networked public safety future

For over 150 years, we've called the Police when we witness a crime, but leave the entire community around us in the dark about what's happening. This omission is highly advantageous for criminals. We can't systemically address the long-term stress that high-crime communities face due to this vulnerability in our basic public safety protocol.

Living in the Networked Age, we believe the community is an integral part of public safety, and VillageDefense is the platform that enables this future of safer, connected, and resilient cities.

Public Safety = Police + Witness + the Community

VillageDefense connects you to the people around you in real-time, forming an "on-demand village" when a crime is in progress. 

This helps to keep everyone safe and informed, while maximizing information gathered and shared until the Police arrive. This real-time access to other witnesses near you deters crime and increases public safety transparency.

Most of the time you'll be interacting with other VillageDefenders nearby in real-time. But as a bonus, I'll automatically round up other info, like Police data, to deliver what you need to know.

You can even keep track of places you care about, like your neighborhood, work, or school, regardless of where you are. The VillageDefense app does all this in the background for you.

Meet Sonya the Crimebot

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Join thousands of Atlantans with the superpower of communicating in real-time when a crime is in progress near your location. Let's outsmart crime, together.